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About Floating

Floating is a relaxing experience with many proven health benefits.

What is Floating?

Imagine laying in a soundproof room in a shallow tub filled with 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate) to allow your body to float effortlessly and feel weightless (think Dead Sea). Picture being away from all the distractions and the noise of daily responsibilities. You will feel unadulterated relaxation as you rest in a floatation pool.

Woman floating in float tank

How Does Floating Work?

Imagine laying in complete silence in a private space while your brain heals from the negative effects of multitasking, overwork, anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, stress, and the noise of our hyper-stimulated lives.

A buoyant suspension in a shallow, warm solution allows your body to relax and be held above the water. It allows your body to lengthen while you float with no effort or pressure. Relieve inflammation and pain, as well as having your mood stabilize while regulating electrolytes in your body, ensuring proper functioning of the muscles, nerves, and enzymes.

What Should I Expect at My First Float?

At your first float, a float tank attendant will show you how to safely get in and out of the floatation pool and suggest a comfortable position for your body. From there, the process generally goes as follows:

Prepare to Float
Remove your contacts if you're wearing them and put in earplugs. Then, take a brief shower.
Experience Floating
Step into the pool and gently lay down on your back. You'll float for up to an hour. The jets will gently come on at your feet to let you know when your time is up.
Shower again to remove the salt. Dry off, dress, and come out to the relaxation area. Restrooms are available to blow dry hair or reapply makeup.
You may want to jot down any ideas that came to you during your float, or simply relax by the fireplace with a warm cup of tea or coffee before heading back out into the world.

Please note you cannot float if you are menstruating.

Woman floating in water representing Flotation Therapy

Floating Tips

Here are a few things to know before your visit:

-Be sure to use the restroom before entering the floatation room.

-The float space is completely private. You should float without clothes on.

-You should not shave the day of your float because the high salt content can irritate freshly shaven skin.

-You should use the provided ointment to cover any cuts or scrapes on the skin.

-Eat a light meal an hour and a half before floating to help minimize sounds from your belly, which can be distracting while floating.

Our Pricing

*20% military discount, active & non-active (must show military I.D.)
*15% police & fire discount (with valid I.D.)
Single Float
From $65
/ float
30 min float - only $45
1 hr float - $65
Student Athlete Float (1 hr) - $50
2 hr float - $130
Couples Float
/ float
$99 price includes both people
Float in same pool
1 hr session
Monthly Memberships
/ month
Single Float (1 per month) - $50
Single Float (4 per month) - $160
Single Float (Unlimited) - $285
Couples Float (1 per month) - $85
Couples Float (4 per month) - $280
Expert Tip: Remember to book again - it takes a approximately  3 floats before your body actually gets the hang of it.

Who Benefits from Flotation Therapy?

Literally EVERYONE! Seriously! If you can step in and out of a bathtub without assistance you can float in our pools! Multiple medical studies have been conducted to support the beneficial effects of float which include deep relaxation, weight loss, decreased blood cortisol levels, relief from anxiety, stress, depression, and pain. Also studies to support blood pressure reduction, faster recovery from injury, concussion, and traumatic brain injuries. There is also reports of enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities, and increased optimism.
Visit for more supportive clinical medical data.

Flotation Therapy for Athletes

Floatation Therapy is used by elite athlete’s all over the world for pre and post performance enhancement. Tom Brady, Ohio State University Football, WVU, Stephen Curry, Carl Lewis, NFL teams Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Lennox Lewis, and Michael Phelps just to name a few. They not only use it for physical recovery but as a tool for shaping the mind and transforming it for greater mental clarity. It also has been proven to accelerate the healing process.

Floatation Therapy is now part of the NFL’s concussion protocol as of 2019 because of the main benefit from floating that has to do with removing stimuli, including light, sound, and gravity. Because of this it is also being used for other traumatic brain injuries. Floatation Therapy allows the brain to connect with other parts of the brain to help it reset and recharge itself. During a 2016 case study at Float Zone, multiple symptoms of concussion were significantly reduced in just 4 weeks including pain, headache, anxiety, depression, sleep, daily fatigue, brain fog, auditory and visual sensitivity, appetite, focus, and productivity all improved with regular floating.

We now have multiple case studies with data to support the beneficial results of Floatation Therapy. Case studies have been conducted since 2016 on anxiety, blood pressure, cortisol blood levels, pain, traumatic brain injuries, concussion, sleep deprivation, chronic pain, neurological diseases including Parkinson’s all with extremely positive outcomes in support of floatation Therapy

Why every athlete should use the float tank:

  • Accelerates recovery from injury and soreness
  • Increases energy levels (ATP)
  • Great for visualization and meditation
  • Boosts immune system function
  • Reduces risk of injury by relaxing muscles and joints
  • Reduces lactic acid levels
  • Improves resistance to fatigue
  • Reduces cortisol levels

Floatation Therapy at Ohio State University

At The Ohio State University, “floating is our best, most holistic recovery device” for student-athletes seeking to improve their performance and minimize their risk of injuries, says Nick Domicone, director of sports science at Ohio State.

Floatation Therapy for Veterans

Floatation therapy has also been used by the military for years to treat PTSD with extremely positive results because it gives veterans a safe space to truly rest their bodies and their minds. Without the need to process stimuli veterans can be freed from thinking about combat experiences and simply “be”. It allows the brain time to truly rest and rewire and work through negative experiences of any kind.

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