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New Philadelphia, Ohio’s premier float center, relaxation massage specialist, and esthetics provider.

Floatation Therapy, Relaxation Massage & Esthetic Services

Try a tranquil floating experience, enjoy a soothing massage, or feel pampered with a facial.

Relax & rejuvenate
in a specialty float pool.

Book a session in one of our float pools and experience the physical and mental benefits of flotation therapy.

Unwind & rest
with a relaxation massage.

Book a massage and see your stress melt away as your muscles relax and your mind rests.

Refresh & renew
with a facial.

Book a facial or skin care treatment to refresh your skin, reduce stress, and leave looking radiant.

Our Vision & Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to build a facility that will help our community heal their bodies spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
Our VISION is to improve the quality of our communities’ lives through massage and floatation therapy.
We strive to reflect our values of integrity, service excellence, compassion, and care for the overall well-being of all of our clients.
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Benefits of Floating

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Experience 1 hour, completely free from the stress of everyday life. Slip away into a luxurious space with a soothing environment designed to refresh your mind, body and soul. Our float pools provide an ideal space to renew and recharge, with effects that may last for weeks afterward. When floating becomes a reoccurring part of your self-care, it can re-train your brain to develop a persistent serenity while diminishing anxiety and stress-related pain.

Alleviate Chronic Pain

Floating can help you manage pain resulting from arthritis, sports injuries, and pregnancy discomforts. It may also improve symptoms related to anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. Studies have shown Flotation REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) to improve chronic pain conditions by relieving physical and emotional stress for fibromyalgia patients, creating an ideal environment for pain relief and providing natural traction for a wide range of spine-related injuries.

Support Athletic Performance

Many professional athletes like Steph Curry and Tom Brady have used flotation therapy for years to stay in peak physical and mental condition. At Solace, you can experience these benefits too. It doesn't matter what sport you play, or what stage you're in - there's a good chance floating will help take your game to the next level.

Enhancing Creativity & Mindfulness

People often use flotation therapy to enhance their creativity and clarity. Studies show floating contributes to generating more “creative” ideas. It's even been shown to increasing student’s scores on a standardized test used to measure creativity. From U.S. Special Forces to Silicon Valley, top professionals and creatives use float tanks to acquire skills and accelerate learning like no other tool available.

Are You Ready to Try Floating?

Benefits of
Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage can help improve sleep, boost immunity, ease muscle pain, alleviate anxiety and depression, improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, increase joint mobility and flexibility, reduce stress hormones, improve recovery of soft tissue injuries and reduce muscle tension.

Facials & Skin Care Services

Facials slow the aging process. They allow your skin to feel healthier, smoother, and look more radiant. Facials reduce fine lines and age spots, relieve stress, calm redness, promote blood circulation, even skin tone, and leave your skin more radiant while simultaneously reducing stress through massage.
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Rent our Relaxation Room

Come sit and unwind on comfy high back chairs in front of a cozy fireplace in our relaxation room. Give us a call to find out more about renting the space.

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